Quality Assurance Unit (Q.A.U.)

The Quality Assurance Unit (Q.A.U.) of T.E.I. of Central Macedonia is the central unit that is responsible for the coordination and support of the Quality Assurance and Evaluation processes.

Q.A.U.coordinates the collection of data which manifest the educational and research work of the Institute carried out by the various academic units, as well as data relating to the overall function of the Institute (administration, finance, technical services).

The main role of Q.A.U., however, is to coordinate the writing of the Internal Evaluation reports that will lead to the External Evaluation of each academic unit. Through this process, Q.A.U. aims at detailing the structure and function of the Institute, and suggests changes or improvements which will be taken into consideration by the governing body of the Institute (determining its strategic development planning), but also by the State, always based on the needs of the academic community and society (accountability).

In particular the Q.A.U. is responsible for:

  1. the development of the policy, strategy and the procedures necessary for the continuous improvement of the quality of the work and services of the Institute,
  2. the organization, operation and continuous improvement of the internal quality assurance system of the Institute,
  3. the coordination and support of the evaluation processes of the academic units and other services of the Institute and
  4. the support of the external evaluation procedures and accreditation of the studies programmes and the internal quality assurance system of the Institute, in accordance with the principles, guidelines and instruction of the Hellenic Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (HQAA).

For more information visit the website of the unit http://modip.teicm.gr


Moisiadis Anastasios
Tel.: +30 23210 49153
Email: amois@teiser.gr


David Konstantinos
Tel.: +30 23210 49143, 49157
Email: david@teiser.gr

Kazarlis Spiridon
Associate Professor
Tel.: +30 23210 49343
Email: kazarlis@teiser.gr

Kechris Evaggelos
Tel.: +30 23210 49131
Email: kehris@teiser.gr

Mantzaris Ioannis
Tel.: +30 23210 49130
Email: mantzaris@teiser.gr

Mouratidis Errikos
Tel.: +30 23210 49319
Email: erik@teiser.gr

Kostarakou Eleni
Associate Professor
Tel.: +30 23210 49235
Email: ecos@teiser.gr

Drogalas Asterios
General Secretary
Tel.: +30 23210 49103
Email: drogalas@teiser.gr

Vakalos Alexadros
Technical Staff

Lioupas Efthimios
Undergraduate Student Representative

Mouratidou Athanasia
Postgraduate Student Representative

External Partners

Drogalas Georgios
Organizational and Administrative Support
Email: gdrogalas@teiser.gr

Dimitriou Stilianos
Application Design and Development
Email: sdimitr@teiser.gr

Kalaitzis Vasilios
Application Design and Development
Email: kalaitz@teiser.gr


T.E.I. of Central Macedonia
Multi-purpose building, 1st floor
Terma Magnesias
62124 Serres, Greece

Tel.: +30 23210 49249
Email: modip@teiser.gr

Q.A.U. Website

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