Network Operating Center

The Network Operating Center (NOC) of T.E.I. Serres is responsible for the proper operation, maintenance and development of equipment, connections and services of the Data Network of the Institute.

The Network Operating Center has created, maintains and keeps developing high-speed data network that extends exclusively within the campus of the Institute. The data network interconnects every department of the T.E.I. of Central Macedonia with Greek and international networks and the Internet. The data network is used for the delivery of a group of web services to all members of the academic community, supporting and promoting the educational, research and administration procedures of the Institute.

The Network Operating Center takes care of the continuous upgrading and modernization of its infrastructure, the uninterrupted delivery of high quality services to the academic community, the introduction and familiarization with cutting edge technologies in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Head of Center

Paschalidis Savvas
Tel.: +30 23210 49331

Technical Personnel

Patramanis Georgios
Tel.: +30 23210 49160


T.E.I. of Central Macedonia
Terma Magnesias
62124 Serres, Greece

NOC Website

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