Electronic Secretariat

Ηλεκτρονική Γραμματεία

The T.E.I. of Central Macedonia has installed and provides to it’s members the Electronic Secretariat system, a modern informational system that offers a variety of innovative digital services and significantly improves conditions and times to complete various tasks.

Using the service students and teachers have the ability to communicate electronically in real time (on line) with the Secretariat through the Web.

The Electronic Secretariat consists of two services:

  • StudentsWeb service for students and
  • ClassWeb service for teachers of the Institute.

StudentsWeb service

The StudentsWeb service offers students the ability to display and process their personal data (courses statements, grades, license applications etc), as well as to view information related to their department (study programmes, courses, personnel, etc.).

ClassWeb service

The ClassWeb service offers teachers the ability to display data on their classes for the running period, as well as data of earlier periods. It also allows teachers to import grades, to show statistics, to post announcements etc.

Access to the service

Students and teachers can access the Electronic Secretariat service visiting the links bellow:

Κορυφή σελίδας