Student Welfare


T E.I. provides food in its equipped restaurant for Greek and foreign students. The students' Hall (library building) provides all the necessary information and details concerning food facilities.

Accomodation support

Students stay in flats or houses of their own choice. Those coming from European Union countries are advised accordingly to choose between the best and economical accommodation.

Students fill in an application form upon registration at the institute for the committee at Students' Hall. Applicants should include documents that show the student's family income. The committee decides which students are entitled to receive a subsidy for their rent.


Students are entitled to the health facilities provided that they are not members of any other national heath insurance service. Students' private health insurance is optional.

Health and Medical services

All students of the institution are entitled to the same health services. Students, who are provided with their own personal health booklets , can consult doctors or have hospital treatment free of charge. Prescribed medicines are supplied by paying a small contribution.

The nearest hospital is only 2km from T.E.I. All students of the institution are entitled to the same health services. Students have their own personal health cards. Consultations, hospital treatment and prescriptions are all available. Medicines are supplied free of charge.

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