Cost of Living - Accommodation

Cost of living

Books, notes and any other form of printed material are distributed to all students free of charge.

The total cost of living and studying in Serres for a student has currently been estimated to a minimum of about 800 Euro per month (200 Euro for the rent included).

T E.I. provides food in its equipped restaurant for Greek and foreign students. The students' Hall (library building) provides all the necessary information and details concerning food facilities. Furthermore, there are numerous and various places for students to have a meal in the town any time (8-10 Euro per meal) whereas there are also many entertainment facilities whose cost depends on the kind of entertainment.


Students live in flats or houses of their own choice. Students coming from European Union Countries in particular are advised to find economical and convenient accommodation. Students who are interested in being granted a rent subsidy should submit the relevant documents at the Students Hall Office.

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