Students' Rights

Students' identity is obtained on their registration and ceases to exist on their graduation. Students are considered adult persons as far as their rights and obligations are concerned. They are granted:

  • Feeding
    T E.I. provides food in its equipped restaurant for Greek and foreign students.
  • Health and Insurance
    Students are entitled to full insurance on condition that they are not members of any other national health insurance service. In case they are it is necessary for them to submit a document certifying that they have been deleted from their familyΆs Health Insurance Service. Private health insurance is optional.
  • Accomodation support
    The committee decides which students are entitled to receive a subsidy for their rent.
  • Scholarships
    by the National Scholarship Foundation of Greece. Scholarships are granted to students who excelled at their studies.
  • No interest loans
    Loans are granted on condition that students have succeeded in the 4/5 of the final semester courses. Their family and financial status are also taken into account.
  • Free books
    In the Institution, books or information material are distributed free of charge..
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