Academic Schedule

The academic year starts on September 1st of each year and ends on August 31st of the following year. It is structured chronologically in two
semesters, the winter and spring semester. Each semester lasts at least thirteen (13) full teaching weeks and is followed by one examination period lasting three (3) weeks. There is also the September repeat examination period, which gives students the opportunity to sit the examinations for both winter and spring semester courses in which they failed or did not attend.

There are no classes on the following official holidays:

  • from Christmas Eve to January 7th
  • from Holy Week Wednesday to the Tuesday after Easter Day
  • on the National Holidays (October 28th, March 25th)
  • on the Anniversary of the Polytechnic students' revolt (17th November)
  • on May 1st, January 30th
  • on Shrove Monday and Holy Spirit Day
  • on the Anniversary of the Liberation of Serres (June 29th)
Κορυφή σελίδας